We are a boutique IT company passionate about small businesses and non-profits.

Technology Appraisals

For absolutely no commitment, we will assess your current IT services and show you ways to save money, increase productivity and bring stability to the infrastructure of your company.


Individualized Support

Your business is unique and you need support that reflects that individuality while maximizing your bottom line and allowing you to serve your customers and clients well.

Custom-Tailored Solutions

We strongly believe that the simplest solution is often the best solution but if that doesn’t end up to be true, we will work to find you the rightsolution for whatever you’re facing.


If you’ve ever worried that you’re paying too much for your monthly Internet or phone service or that you might be spending too much on equipment, you’re certainly not alone. Technology is growing at breakneck speeds and can get overwhelming very quickly as you try to navigate the waters of streamlining and maximizing your business. Many start-ups and smaller organizations get sold a bigger bill of goods than they have real need for and owners can sometimes feel intimidated when trying to navigate the muddy waters of figuring out where to spend and where to save.

During our Technology Appraisal process, we dig into all the ways you’re using and paying for technology as well as what it is you do and how you go about doing it. We work first to get a solid understanding of your business operations and then we find ways to cut costs and help you gain better functionality in serving your customers. We help you make sense of all the technology that’s available and find ways to improve your return on investment in less time if there’s a better solution. We look at your phone and Internet service contracts, your network and desktop equipment and all the other tools you use to keep your business running and will help streamline everything reducing overhead in the process.


  • VoIP & Telephony
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Network / WiFi performance
  • Hardware Purchase & Disposition
  • Directory Services and Servers
  • Cloud and Local Applications
  • Business Processes & Procedures


Most tech support firms tell you that you need a 24×7 solution but maybe your business only runs M-F 8 AM to 6 PM – do you really want to be forced to pay for all those extra hours of availability when you rarely have a need for them? Maybe you just need a hand when things aren’t working the way they should be, a specialized set of skills to augment your existing workforce or maybe you need support services for remote sites. Whatever your business needs, we will build a solution tailor-made just for you and not everyone else that kind of looks like you. We’ve got more than 20 years of experience supporting all different platforms across numerous types of network environments and we pride ourselves on being able to work through any problems we run into.

At Clarity, we’re happy to support your desktop users or you entire network including servers, switches, wifi and storage solutions. We’ll even help you manage your service providers and work with them to keep your employees working – we free up your staff to do what they do best. Contract us on a case-by-case basis or sign up for a monthly service agreement to save.



Sometimes you have a project you need to get done but don’t have anyone with the technical expertise on staff to help drive the project. You find yourself needing to work with vendors and service providers in areas that you just don’t have the bandwidth or desire to manage. Let us take care of those projects for you and serve as your technical representative in those meetings. We will work to make sure you get the kind of solution you need out of the process and we’ll walk you through it each step of the way.

We’re happy to work with contractors on your behalf during an office build-out to make sure you’ve got all the ports and infrastructure you need in place to make that space successful. We can help you give your staff some flexibility by enabling them to work off-site from anywhere with an Internet connection. We can assist with just about anything – from standing up directory services and managing data storage to implementing new wifi security measures and supporting your endeavors in multimedia.


Yes, when it comes to IT consulting services and support, there are a lot of great options out there but few of them are geared specifically at you and your organization – with their one-size-fits-all packages and hefty price tags, it’s hard to know whether you’ve gotten the right solution for your company. That’s where we come in. We, Jonathan Fast and Rajev Sivarasa, started this company with the intent to serve and support the incredible variety of small businesses and non-profits scattered across the Denver metro area with customized, innovative solutions tailored directly to your business needs. With more than 20 years in IT between us, we’ve worked for large companies and small ones, for-profits and non-profits, entrepreneurs and ministries of all kinds. We love technology and we have a passion for leveraging it in new ways to save our clients time and money. We take on your IT and let you focus on why you started your company in the first place: to do what you love.

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